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This is a simple, noninvasive system that captures all of the subtle nuances of these instruments perfectly. The single element pickup is mounted half on the side-rail and half on the soundboard directly in front of the player. An extra long lead wire is provided for placing the output jack in an ideal position for performance and traveling. The dual element version adds a second pickup to the upper treble rail. This version can be wired in mono or stereo. Please select your preferences below.

These pickups are passive and a preamp should be used.


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Customers are loving MiSi's battery free Preamps and
we are thrilled to have them as a part of our product offerings.

*Our pickups are passive and require a preamp for optimal performance.
All of our systems can be made ‘Active’ with an endpin jack style preamp. We offer both 9V and MiSi Battery Free options. ‘Make it Active’ options are available during checkout, or click here for more information or to purchase preamps separately.

  • “Dudes y Dudettes – These things really work big time. It sounds huge and just like the instrument. Your system seems to have selected the most useful and most musical part of the signal without adding any irritants.”

    – David Lindley

    "Excellent sound, I am very impressed."

    – Nick Forster, Hot Rize/E-Town

    "I've tried just about every mandolin pickup out there...
    nothing else even comes close!
    Warm, rich, woody tone, no harshness, perfect string balance”

    – James Nash, The Waybacks

    "WOW. I think you guys are really on to something."

    – Fareed Haque

    "The Pick-Up World system can produce results that rival a very expensive microphone. It is easily the most full frequency range contact system I've ever heard. Its upper frequency response is especially impressive. Even overtones well above the fundamental notes come through with no attenuation."

    – Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine

    "Flat across the board. No EQ or notch filter. I turned up the volume, and I thought I was in heaven. No feedback. No"quack" The sound was nothing short of perfect. I give the PUTW a hearty two thumbs up!"

    – Bill Chandler, Recording Artist

    "I mounted the pickup on the front of the biscuit. My opinion? THE THING ROCKS!!!!!!! I am totally amazed at how good this pickup sounds on this National style Dobro. I couldn't be more pleased."

    – Dave Skowron, The 13th Fret

    "I'm very impressed by the sound, and the broad range of applications.On a big Yamaha Grand Piano, we monitored two #30's in stereo, and the sound was full and rich, with no apparent phase cancellation between the two signals. This would never be the case with microphones!"

    – Dee Robb, Cherokee Studios

    "The PUTW undersaddle pickup in conjunction with the internal preamp module are sufficient to drive just about any guitar amp. Tone and volume are very even for each string. Faithful reproduction of the acoustic sound. The voice sounds EXACTLY like the acoustic guitar, except much louder. Well worth the price."

    – Ed Maier, Harmony Central

    "This sounds exactly like the banjo does acoustically. It is open, warm, and inviting. A great product, probably the only one I would ever want to carry or recommend to my customers."

    – Chuck Ogsbury, OME Banjos

    "The future of drums is upon us. I've been testing a product by Pick-up the World on my congas, and it absolutely rocks! The sound is tight and percussive, and the pickups have many significant advantages over microphones. The installation is a snap, and the dynamic range and frequency responses are huge."

    – Ben Jacoby, Recording Artist

    “Very Very Natural. Like a Good studio Mic. I have NEVER EXPERIENCED such a Natural Tone out of an acoustic in my Life!!!! It will be no time before everyone is using this PU... I'm in Complete Awe, and will be buying several more for my other acoustics. Check this device out and I Guarantee if you are not Deaf and a pro, you will get one..Period!”

    – Sean Mormelo, Harmony Central

    "I just picked up my Weissenborn today from having the #27 installed. I've had a chance to sit down and play for a while, and it sounds great! Lots of low-end response, and a very full, natural sound. I'm very pleased. Thanks for making such a cool product."

    – Mark Zarn, Performer & Recording Artist

    "Once installed, the Pick-up the World created an amplified sound that closely resembled the voice of the guitar. It's wide dynamic range allowed it to respond well to soft picking and still sound good when the guitar was strummed forcefully. The pickup also did well at higher volumes, and its low mass resulted in a relatively high feedback threshold."

    – Teja Gerken, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

    "Folks, This is it! There may be better systems; but they are 5 to 10 times the price. The typical acoustic amplification system which has become the (commercial) musical and industry standard yields a bright "plink" with almost no overtones or sustain. The "Pick-Up the World" is attached to the guitar bridgplate. It has almost no mass. It receives and transmits the vibrations from the entire note. With a typical undersaddle or combo system, you eq and phase adjust your "dry" signal (taking out the "quack") and then adding "air" and sustain with reverb and compression. Now, I've turned that stuff off. The signal is already wet, thick, and woody! It's almost boring. I'm not spending hours twisting knobs, changing amp channels, experimenting with the sound. Just practice. Plug in at the coffee house. For the money; for the hassle freeness, for the simplicity, for the typical acoustic player; this is it”

    – Brent Marchbanks, Harmony Central

    "The whole sound has become three dimensional, and the transparency of the sound with this pickup is remarkable! The subtle nuances of the more delicate aspects of the instrument's sound can now be heard for the first time since this instrument was recorded with an AKG 414 and the recordings mixed and mastered by an expert in Nashville. Now it sounds like that live."

    – Paul Saddler, on tour with Michael Martin Murphy

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