To create exceptionally accurate pickup systems
for all the instruments of the world
Pick-up the World was formally founded in 1995 by two musicians who simply wanted to create clean, accurate, acoustic pickups for their musical instruments. All of the available products seemed to be strong in one or two areas, but weak in others. Ridiculous combinations of pickups were employed in an attempt to solve these problems, resulting in a jumbled mess of electronic hell that sounded okay as long as nobody moved!
20 years providing high fidelity pickups
70% of our product line is built to custom specifications. We exist entirely by word of mouth / happy customer referrals. Each of our products are hand built to order in Northern California.

custom sized and optimized to reveal
your instruments truest voice

The release to the public domain of a radical aerospace material led to the development of a line of pickups that are so accurate, they rival the sound of high quality microphones! They can be configured to work with virtually every stringed instrument in the world and work fabulously with drums and percussive instruments as well.
“I love the sound of your pickups! It’s great to have direct correlation between the natural sound of the instrument and what comes out through the PA. It’s my guitar, only louder. I have finally found what I’ve been hoping to find for years and years!”
– Stephen Bennett